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Our firm serves our clients in the following practice areas:

Criminal Defense – The attorneys at Perry & Trent, LLC have the experience and knowledge to represent clients in all phases of a criminal proceeding including arraignment, trial, plea agreements, appeals and probation issues.  We represent clients with a wide variety of criminal issues including traffic violations, Minor in Possession, DUI, misdemeanors and felonies.  Perry & Trent, LLC advocates on behalf of our clients to protect their rights while ensuring that the justice system works to fairly decide each case.


Family Law – When the courts are required to resolve family issues, everyone involved feels the stress that results. Attorneys at Perry & Trent, LLC work to reduce that stress by explaining legal matters to our clients so they can understand the proceedings choose the best option available for their situation.  Perry & Trent, LLC represents clients in the following areas of family law:  divorce, paternity, child support, child custody, adoptions, protection orders and child in need of care cases.

Bankruptcy– A bankruptcy filing is certain to impact many areas of personal and business life. The attorneys at Perry & Trent, LLC understand and can assist clients to maneuver through the ever-increasing complexity of the Bankruptcy Code. We represent individual and business debtors and creditors in all aspects of reorganization, liquidation and workout proceedings.


Litigation– Perry & Trent's attorneys have a reputation for successfully representing clients in a broad range of civil issues including contract claims, business torts, construction disputes, premises liability, real estate, condemnation disputes and many others. Our experienced attorneys manage each client's case through all levels litigation including, mediation, arbitration, trial and appeals. Our goal is to find resolution to our clients’ issues through the legal framework provided.  We strive to help our clients understand the issues and choose the best option in each case to promote successful conflict resolution. 


Corporate & Business Law - Perry & Trent, LLC represents corporate clients ranging in size from small, closely held or family owned businesses to large partnerships, corporations and financial institutions.  We support our clients in every step of business ownership from startup and choice of entity to reorganization and dissolution; and in every business procedure, from simple commercial contracts and leases to complex corporate issues.  Our clients appreciate our experience and have come to rely on our expertise to help them make the best decisions for their businesses. 


Real Estate Law -  Attorneys at Perry & Trent, LLC work with developers, lenders, governmental units and individuals in all aspects real estate.  We represent clients in: sales and purchases, leasing, financing, title issues, planning, zoning and land use law, taxation and litigation. Our experience is as broad ranging as our client base.  We represent clients in property developments from lot splits and small residential developments to large industrial land acquisitions and commercial and industrial construction.  Our work is timely, creative and solution driven so that we can handle our clients’ real estate issues efficiently and effectively.


Municipal Law – Perry & Trent, LLC has over 35 years combined experience in representing local government interests as counselor and prosecutor.  Our experience allows us to counsel our municipal clients on a wide range of matters crucial to public entities, including public finance, economic development, administrative law, zoning, land use and eminent domain.  Our attorneys work hard with our clients and their officers and employees to find practical and manageable solutions to the issues presented.  We also provide prosecutorial services to our municipal clients to ensure that municipal criminal issues are resolved in an effective manner, consistent with City, State and Federal laws.


Elder Law - Perry & Trent attorneys provide caring and thoughtful advice and counsel to individuals and families dealing with issues affecting the elderly including long term care planning, guardianships, conservatorships and trusts.  We work within the family framework to structure the best plan available for meeting our clients’ needs and goals.


Estate Planning – The attorneys at Perry & Trent, LLC provide years of experience and knowledge to our estate planning clients.  We represent clients in all aspects of estate planning from simple will preparation to complex succession plans involving irrevocable trusts, buy/sell agreements and charitable trusts.   We help our clients meet their planning goals in a manner that ensures satisfaction of each client’s financial needs, that minimizes tax liability maintains confidentiality.   We also provide every estate planning client with Powers of Attorney for healthcare and financial decisions.


Probate & Trust Administration – Perry & Trent, LLC counsels and represents the best interests of our clients in adoptions, probate and trust administration proceedings.  We steer our clients through these complex processes by resolving issues and finding solutions in an efficient manner.   We also represent clients in supplementary aspects of probate and trust administration including preparation of federal and state death tax returns, litigation and estate planning for surviving spouses and the next generation.

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